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We would like to thank Santina and Cathy at Monarch Hairdressing for providing us with our first shop space, upstairs at their Collingwood salon. Korp khun maak ka.

If you are interested in learning Thai Massage then I recommend Wat Po School of traditional Thai massage, which is where I was trained.

If you are interested in the Thai language, food and culture and would like to meet other people with the same interests then why not visit Thai Meetup Group in Melbourne.

If your Thai interests are more spiritual then a visit to Wat Thai Buddhist Temple in Box Hill is recommended. This is the local Thai temple and is popular with the Melbourne Thai community. Buddhist ceremonies and festivals are held there throughout the year, as well as Thai language classes for the children.

If you are considering travelling to Thailand then after you have seen Bangkok and the beaches of the south, we recommend a visit to the picturesque north. This website will tell you all you need to know about Chiang Mai and the region.

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